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Book Category: DystopianBook Tags: Dark Humor, Fiction, Ireland, and Satire

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  • In a clapped-out post-crash Dublin not too far in the future, Joe Chambers runs a front operation for the CIA. Faced with cutbacks and outsourcing he is forced to bring in a trade unionist to face off with Langley and he is also trying to get in on his friend Delia’s dope-dealing business. He has plenty else to contend with, what with the attentions of an embittered rival British spy and a shadowy somebody who might mean him serious harm.

    Breakfast at Cannibal Joe’s is a rare Irish foray into madcap political satire, with many mordantly funny moments in this tale of a country that has sold off the last of the silverware but continues to imagine itself wealthy. The style is breakneck, bitingly cynical but surprisingly amiable for such a scabrous volume. You might even find yourself staying for breakfast.

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