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Book Category: SteampunkBook Tags: steampunk, horror, and post-apocalyptic

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  • The Creature Collection is a free ebook that contains three short steampunk horror stories, introducing the Creatures of Gareth Torrance’s steampunk world.

    Each story expands on part of the history of the Creatures, whilst also showcasing how violent and dangerous these once-human hunting machines have become.

    Exile tells the story of a man who is banished from the city of Alexandra to live outside the walls, in the wasteland. He searches for a new home, whilst having to deal with the Creatures and the vile side of mankind.

    Scavenge follows a noble woman trying to find relics of the Old World in order to regain her status, before coming face to face with monsters both inside and out.

    Salvage, the shortest of the three, shows how the Creatures hunt, as you join a young girl from Lower City trying to flee a pack of them.

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