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    1. Rosa AndrewMK.com Editing

      Compañeros comprendo la rabia que sienten… pero esa clase de peetnminasos no harán que logremos nada… NECESITAMOS ORGANIZARNOS Y HACER UNA REVOLUCIÓN PACÍFICA PARA EVITAR LA IMPOSICIÓN. YA TENEMOS LOS EJEMPLOS DE TUNEZ Y EGIPTO !! SIGAMOS US EJEMPLO !!!!

    2. bitcoin mining rig raspberry pi AndrewMK.com Editing

      Thank goodness I’m old enough!! I have an amazing idea! Not sure if it’ll win, and I’m sooo not giving it away, but all you people not entering, please wish me luck?C: super excited, it’s like a life dream of mine to go to tokyo.

    3. autokredit rechner AndrewMK.com Editing

      These are interesting choices. I think the Bible’s a must whether you’re a believer or not, simply because it’s so fundamental to the development of Western Civilisation. Poe – oh yes, one of my first literary loves.I’d have a hard, if not impossible, time choosing my own five. There are just so many fabulous books out there that should be preserved forever. I’d be torn between my instinctive choices, all of which are established classics, and other books which are perhaps rather less popular, and are therefore more in need of preservation.

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