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When you register, double check that the email you entered is correct. The most common cause of undelivered activation emails is incorrect emails.

If you suspect you’ve registered with an incorrect email, you can register again with a different username, or you can use the contact form to ask the Administrators for help.

The most common login issue is incorrect usernames.

When you register for the site, you create a username (used for logging in) and a display name (shown on your profile). When you login, check first to make sure you’re entering your username, not your display name. (You cannot login with your email address either.)

If you can’t remember your username, use the link Lost your password? Your username will be sent to you along with a link to reset your password if necessary.

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Secondly, if you haven’t activated your account through email, the system will give you an error message when logging in . Click the activation link in your email first, and then try to login again.

You can contact the site administrator via:

  • Contact Form: In the bottom right corner of the site.
  • Email: info [at]
  • Twitter Direct Message: @writersonsocial


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